April Polubiec | Full Stack Developer

May 28, 2020

This is part two of a two-part series. Part one goes over how to build the example app. If you have not yet checked that out, we encourage you to read that post before proceeding with part two.

Welcome to part two of the Roux iOS tutorial series. In part one, we explained how to register as a Roux developer, create a new project, generate a license key and build a pre-made example project. Now we will go a little bit more in-depth and learn how to build our own Roux app from scratch.

Before we start, you will need the following:

Step 1: Create new Xcode project

First, open Xcode, and click File -> New Project (shift-cmd N). You will be prompted to select a template. Make sure you are in the iOS tab and select “Single View App”.


Click "Next". Fill out your Product Name and Organization Identifier. This will generate a Bundle ID — remember, this bundle ID must match the bundle ID on your Roux license.

For language, you can select Objective-C or Swift, depending on which language you are most comfortable with. We will cover how to use the SDK in both languages.